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Joey Mills and Brad Chase are hot and horny, and look fantastic as they go wild with lust still dressed in their wedding tux just before the actual wedding. This great new gay teen series is filmed with the best sound and with the best pictures by Helix Studios – http://www.gaytwinktube.xxx/videos/gay/helixstudios-recent.html – for their ‘Gay Teen’ paysite.
Brad Chase is just hours away from getting married to his long-time girlfriend at last. He is in his hotel room and has just finished dressing in to his smart and sexy tux when there is a knock on the door. His amateur friend Joey Mills walks in and sits on the bed and looks at Todd with his beautiful blue eyes. He tells a surprised Brad that he is there in the hope of a quickie from him before he gets married. Brad tries to tell him that he can’t and he remembers the stag night when he got drunk and had a quick fumble around with Joey’s seven inch twink cock for the first time. Brad says it was a mistake and that another one of his friends, Conner, will be arriving in about an hour. Joey can’t accept no as an answer and he as he stands up, he tells Brad that this will be their last time as he unbuttons Brad’s jacket and kisses him full on the lips.
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Even though Brad is straight, he is quick to sigh with pleasure when Joey goes down, takes his cock out of his pants and begins to suck him off. After sucking on Brad’s cock for a while, Joey stands up and gets Brad to sink down onto his knees and suck on his rock hard dick. Joey looks down at Brad’s bobbing head and face backs him back making sure he sinks his cock all the way down to his heavy ball sack.
Joey takes full control of the situation as he pulls Brad up by his jacket, bends him over his desk and pulls his pants down to his ankles. As he slaps his heavy cock across Brad’s firm butt, Brad asks him to take it easy as he’s never been fucked up his ass before. With their shirts and jacket’s still on, Joey aims his cock directly towards Brad’s virgin twink asshole, and gently pushes his cock all the way in causing Brad to groan out with a mixture of pain and pleasure.
Brad goes wild with lust as he feels his tight asshole getting relentlessly fucked for the very first time and he makes Joey Mills fuck his tight crack in all kinds of erotic positions. As Brad ends up getting fucked in the missionary position the jerks franticly on his cock and as he shouts out that he is about to cum, both himself and Brad Chase spurt their salty sticking cum over Todd’s sexy body without realizing that some of it has landed on Todd’s wedding jacket as well.
The wedding hasn’t happened yet, and with only a few hours to go Brad doesn’t realize but he is about to have a lot more fun with man-on-man sex.

The Gay Twink Stars

Joey Mills is five foot ten inches tall with a great smooth body and sexy blue eyes. This is Joey’s first hardcore movie with Helix Studios but he will go a long way with his good looks and seven inch cut dick. He is a versatile top mana and loves shoving his seven inch hard dick into a tight young asshole and spurting his cum all over them. Joey also has dark blonde hair and weighs 165 pounds with not one bit of fat on his perfect hard body.

Brad Chase loves to live life in the fast lane which proved to be a bit scary when he trashed his car recently he couldn’t afford the 10k to fix it. Brad keeps fit in the gym, but also loves to do extreme sports and goes hiking. Brad has starred in eighteen hardcore movies for Helix Studios and has starred in ‘Teens Goes Gay Weekend’ Parts 2, 3 and four,’ ‘I Wanna Be Your Twink Daddy’ and more recently, ‘Coming Up Next’, which ends up in a great fuck Fest. Brad is a six foot one inch tall top young man who has a seven inch cut dick. He has blonde hair, blue eyes and weighs 190 pounds.

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