Tom Faulk and Brendan Phillips stars in Next Door Buddies

Tom Faulk and Brendan Phillips star in this great episode of ‘Helpful Roommate’, made by Next Door Studios for ‘Next Door Buddies.’ They do this so that we can all thump on our aching cocks whenever we want to, or wherever we are (the site is mobile compatible).
You might want to close your eyes for a quick second or two at the beginning of this movie as it shows a naked woman in the shower, but not for long. Her frustrated boyfriend, played by Tom Faulk, is sitting on the bed with a massive black strap-on dildo. His wife comes into the room, (she has a towel around her) and her eyes widen with horror when she sees the massive thing on her bed. She asks him if he wants her to fuck him with it, and he says yes. She freaks out and goes back out to finish getting ready, leaving him alone with the dildo. Cue Brendan Phillips, who has been asleep in the next room. He comes in through a side door with nothing on top, showing off his muscular chest and small dark nipples to Tom.
tom faulk and brendan phillips
Brendan Phillips takes advantage of the situation when he sees the dildo. He gets his hard dick out of his pants and gets the ‘straight’ Tom to give him a blow job. Brendan sighs as his dick gets licked all around and then he deep throats Tom with his aching dick. They try to be quiet as they can still hear Tom’s girlfriend bashing about all over the apartment in a fit of fury. She screams up that she is leaving him, which makes him smile as Brendan goes down on him and sucks on his seven-inch dick some more.

Still trying to keep the noise down, Tom gets on all fours on the bed and offers his ass up to Brendan in a submissive position. Brendan positions himself right behind Tom, he watches as his dick taps against Tom’s entrance and then he thrusts his hips forward and sinks his dick right up into Brandan’s straight asshole and fucks him doggy style. Tom’s girlfriend doesn’t see the two men fucking like a couple of dogs on heat as she comes into the bedroom and straight into the bathroom without looking.

It’s a hot day and sweat pours down their faces and hard bodies as Brendan gets on his back and Tom rides on top and the camera zooms in as Brendan’s stiff dick drills Tom a new asshole. Tom’s girlfriend comes out of the bathroom and straight back out the room, once again, missing her boyfriend getting his ass pounded hard by Brendan who is now fucking him in the missionary position.
Tom Phillip can relax now and a few seconds after his girlfriend as left, he grits his teeth together and his spunk spews out of his throbbing cock and onto his smooth hard chest. Brendan Phillips stands up and ejaculates over Brendon’s waiting, and eager tongue.

Brendon is more than happy, he has been fucked up the ass for once and his girlfriend has left him – and left him to do what he wants – and to do it with who he wants to.

Tom Phillips is kind of new to the scene and, although this is his first flick for Next Door Buddies, he has starred in couple of other gay sex films barebacking. Tom is a good looking smooth versatile bottom and has a seven inch cut cock. He loves going to the gym and it shows on his lovely six pack. He is five feet seven inches tall, weighs 170 pounds, he also has short brown hair and smiling brown eyes.
Brendan Phillips is a six-foot blonde haired blue eyed hunk with great muscles and a great ass. He has starred in eight hardcore flicks for Next Door Buddies since starting with them in September 2015 in ‘Lustful’ where he fucks the tight ass off of Brenner Bolton. Brendan is a versatile bottom and is says he has a six inch cut dick, but it looks a lot bigger and thicker than that. check out of NDB at twitter – click here

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